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What are Dungeons?

Dungeons are special places which provide the following: Place to exp at with no PvP. Unlocking exclusive in-game assets such as houses, and consumables (hp, mana, sds) through unlocking dungeon shops. opening chain of quests, and many achievements and badges!

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Challenge NEW Mighty Bosses

More than ten new Dungeon Bosses within a total of twenty five new epic dungeon monsters. Get up your team and prepare for adrenaline flow through all your systems!


Dungeon Loots

Plan 1

Orshabaal's brain

This item can be looted at ExoriaAnk dungeon, it is required for one of the quests inside.

Plan 2

Dungeon Token

Earn Dungeon Tokens each time by completing certain dungeons and use them at the Dungeon Store to purchase exclusive and valuable items.

Plan 3

Dangerous Dragon Pet Summoner

Purchase this item at Epic Hunters dungeon and unleash a powerful pet!

Powerful Creative Design

Enjoy facing dozens of risky monsters, long-term objectives and short ones. You will never get bored of Exoria dungeons and the dynamics they offer.

Dungeon Competition Achievements & Many Side Quests

Inside each dungeon you will find a major objective that leads you to the dungeon completion, but that's not the only thing! You will find several other side quests which can reward you with significant rewards such as exclusive dungeon items, and reputation points.

  • Epic Hunters Dungeon

    Product 1
  • ExoriaAnk Dungeon

    Product 2
  • ExoriaAnk Dungeon

    Product 3

How to enter a Dungeon?

Dungeons room is located at the temple, each dungeon requires on average 4 players to be played; so team up and get ready!

What are Reputation Points?

Doing repeated dungeons to raise your reputation with it unlocks you purchases of special items sold within the dungeon shop, special outfits, and unlocking other chained quests. A chained quest is one which requires achieving certain goal at different dungeons to be unlocked.

What are Dungeon Tokens?

Dungeon tokens are rewards you get upon completion of such dungeons. They can be used at the dungeon store where you buy exclusive in-game items.

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