Hardcore PvP Enforced Open Tibia Server

Welcome to Exoria.net world. Exoria has started in 2012 and lasted for 7 years till now. This MEGA update we brought up new spells for the very first time in Open Tibia to give every vocation it is unique personality and gameplay style.


Choose your Vocation

Enjoy different unique vocations on Exoria and take them as the beginning for a new secondary vocation you can get after your first Reborn.

The Insights of Darkness

Hu Shun Xiao
Exoria is one of my favorites OTs I've ever worked on. I personally can relate a memory with everything created there.

GM Exoria, Lead Game Designer

Rob Auguste
The different spells and events ideas implemented on Exoria fed my eagerness to write challenging code.

Coder, Lead Game Programmer

Antonio Kirill
Never ever have I played a funnier server than Exoria. The server is addictive and I love it.

GM Sense, GameMaster