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Welcome to the Lost Account Interface!

If you have lost access to your account, this interface can help you. Of course, you need to prove that your claim to the account is justified. Enter the requested data and follow the instructions carefully. Please understand there is no way to get access to your lost account if the interface cannot help you.

By using the Lost Account Interface you can
  • get a new password if you have lost the current password,
  • receive your account name if you do not know it anymore.
As a first step to use the Lost Account Interface please enter the name of a character on the lost account and click on "Submit".

Enter Character Name
Character name:

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1 - Bellatrix
1 Lvl: 21198
2 - Lambie The Paladin
2 Lvl: 21041
3 - Sober Supreme
3 Lvl: 19992
4 - Dingus
Lvl: 17779
5 - Vendetta
Lvl: 17706
6 - Rah'man
Lvl: 17529
7 - Dingo
Lvl: 17233
8 - Thor
Lvl: 17204
9 - Lukasze
Lvl: 15338
10 - Alami
Lvl: 15025
Castle 24h