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Clan System, Battle Power Share, Team Hunting, and Guild War
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

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Massive Patch — Exoria.net

NEW Clan System

Bye Bye to traditional old Tibia guild system, exclusively at Exoria.net we brought the Clan System which has many more to do and adds more value to your previously known guild.

NEW Battle Power Share

Strike in the battlefield with your clan members by sharing your Battle Powers together.

NEW Team Hunting

Start power-leveling other fellows and earn the valuable Guide Points!

New Guild War Rules

  • Added two new west and side gates, they come with HP and they have to be broken to enter the Nexus area. Only the winners clan of the past week (clan in control) Leader and Vice-Leaders may open the gate with the special key sold inside the area.
  • During the war, the damage all clans inflict on the Nexus will be recorded. When the Nexus is knocked down, the clan that dealt the most damage to the pole will dominate the clan Area, and the clan's name will appear on the pole.

Happy Update!
Exoria People.
28.10.18 22:04:38
Edited by GM Exoria
on 28.10.18 22:26:47

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