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Battle Power Patch
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

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Battle Power

Battle Power is a representation of your power, might and prowess on the battlefield. It is a single number that sums up your various character's skills and abilities, and determines their overall power. Monsters and NPCs don't have Battle Power, only player characters.

Calculating Battle Power: The Battle Power total is based on below factors:

1. Character level: each 1k level = 1 Battle Power.
2. Rebirth: 1st Rebirth = 5 Battle Power. 2nd Rebirth = 10 Battle Power.
3. Sockets: Each Socket = 1 Battle Power.
4. Item Quality: Normal = 1, Don = 2
5. Super Gems: Each Super Gem on a socketed item = 1 Battle Power.
6. Nobility Rank: There are 6 levels of Nobility. Each has a different donation requirement, and adds Battle Power to your total. Please refer the following table:

The Advantages of Battle Power

1. More Experience: For each 1 battle power you gain +0.5 bonus exp.
2. Conquer Invincible Monsters: Some monsters will only be affected by players who have higher BP than them; those are worth killing set of monsters (coming next patch).

3. Damage Reduction: The ultimate function of Battle Power is with damage reduction. When you are attacked by a player with a lower Battle Power than you, the damage you take would be reduced. Conversely, when your Battle Power is higher than your rival's, your damage done is increased.
a. Damage Reduction % = the difference between my BP and the attacker.
b. Damage Increase % = the difference between my BP and the attacker / 2.

Nobility System

The Emperor keeps track of all those who make the much needed donations to his empire. According to your donations, the imperial court will confer an official title on you, to show appreciation for your contribution to the Empire.

There are 6 noble titles available for an adventurer to acquire. To earn one of them, you have to contribute a certain amount of gold bar to the Empire. The more gold bar you contribute with, the higher rank you can obtain!

How to become a noble?
Type in game command !contribute 25 (this will add +25 gold bars to the empire).

How to get updates about current ranks and contributions made?
1. By typing in game command !nobleranks
2. Visit Nobility Web Page

Reborn System

There are two reborns now available on Exoria.net, a reborn is done from NPC in temple, it reborns your character at level 8 again however this affects a significant increase in your battle power and access to potential spells for reborned characters. A reborn can me made for characters higher than level 18000.

Other Changes

- Expanded Two Rat Spawns.
- Added Full level 5000 Set quest (all 4% protection).
- Updated Native armor protection from 4% to 7%

Thank you!
GM Exoria
27.09.18 02:30:53
Edited by GM Exoria
on 27.09.18 02:35:22

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