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The Second Major Update !
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

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Greetings Exoria's


Going native on improving our Exoria server was our main purpose during the last few weeks, therefor we have prepared and united all your feedback and ideas into another Major Update.

Let's start with the New Hunting Technics & Style:

<li>RookGuard has been erased, in order to unit the server in just one city therefor we will have much more wars.</li>
<li>Full new hunting spawns has been added into the hunting room starts from level 8 up to level 15000 spawns.</li>
<li>VIP hunting room has been erased and integrated within the Free Hunting Room, also the VIP quest has been disabled until we decide if there will be VIP city in Exoria or not.</li>
<li>Added new hunting areas at the south of the main city, it will include many different monsters with different exp stages, rates so far you will need at least level 2000 to access those areas.</li>

PVP Changes:
<li>Health/Mana bars has been changed to show your mana with percent "%", so when you have 100HP/100Mana it means that you have 100% Full Hp and 100% Full Mana.</li>
<li>You will not gain anymore soul orbs / exp by killing players less than level 1000.</li>
<li>Frag system counter has been fixed and skull system will be added soon after reaching a certain amount of frags.</li>
<li>Mage wands will deal more damage in total (tripled).</li>
<li>Some spells & runes has been slightly re-balanced.</li>
<li>Added !go command to unit the guild outfits.</li>
<li>Added /bg command which allows guild members to broadcast into their guild channel.</li>

Quests & Events:
<li>Added The Elemental Quest (4 players are required) for level 5000+ .</li>
<li>Added The Zombie Event reward update to be 5 FREE points.</li>
<li>Added The Guild War Event, more details about the event will be announced on the website.</li>
<li>Added Fire Storm Event.</li>
<li>Added The Massive Team Battle Event.</li>

Donation Castles: Madareth Monster has been completely update, it gives good exp now and it became one of the most recommended places to hunt at wild range of levels.

Some Photos:


Finally the whole city has been updated with a better one and more attractive.
<em>Note: all the old houses owners has been removed and items were sent to their depots.</em>

We hope that you like our patch and invite your friends to share the wars & fun with you on Exoria Lands.

Kind Regards,
GM Exoria
24.05.13 15:04:33
Edited by GM Exoria
on 24.05.13 15:53:21

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Why can't we summon a bear or amazon? Why have you deleted it? I think paladins and knights are op... but mages...
26.05.13 13:07:35

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