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Let us hear your feedback - client upgrade or not?
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

Level: 21312
Leader of Test

Posts: 310
Greetings Exoria Residents,

We would like to keep you updated that in a short time from now we are about to release a big update to Exoria OT, the update will have many new features added to the server and updates to the current one. More details about the update content will be posted soon.

However, there will remain one standing issue in Exoria which is the usage of MC to gain pvp advantages in wars etc, although the anti cheat scripts we always implemented to reduce and banish these who attempt to break the fair gameplay, its not always guaranteed that these system are going to be accurate enough and immune to dodge. Hence, we have a suggestion for this update where to upgrade the game client to any of the new clients such as 10.50 - this upgrade will eliminate the easiness of bot usage and in order to ensure fair gameplay into the server.

We would like to hear your feedback and your opinion about whether or not you will stick to Exoria after a client upgrade. Try to clarify the reasons behind your rejections (if there is any). We will be discussing this topic into this thread while finalizing the update.

King Regards,
GM Exoria
03.02.15 07:00:26
Edited by GM Exoria
on 03.02.15 08:58:10

Owner: Royal Paladin
Level: 7468

Posts: 1
i have lost my recover key so i cant bring my acc back in other servers they sent the recover key to the e-mail of yahoo but here its not happen please help me .
03.02.15 09:52:58
Uncle Kabom

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15188

Posts: 615
I vote no to client upgrade.

*It's boring.
*You walk retarded.
*Castles will get removed.
*You need to change your current system.
*The pvp sucks.
I told you several times to listen to me and King Garrosh we have plenty of good ideas which can improve the quality of this ot.

Fix so you cant use UH on other players.

Fix so you can kill level 8 characters(If possible, make so you dont get a frag when they are under atleast 3k or something like that.)

Remake the whole system so its easier to level up at/to 15k or higher, then botting 24/7.
It will be more activity in-game. You have failed with almost everything we have told you to make. I dont know where you had these ideas but they aren't great.

Castles should be slow, as they are right now(Safe hunting,afk100%).
You should make more spawns, monsters that gives about 2-5%. Balance it so mages can only tank 1, rps 1, eks 2. <- From a 13-15k+ perspective. The higher level the better block ofc. And you cant bot on these places. To high risk of dying.

So, to summary it all for you: You get easier levels by hunting, lets say a 15k can exp to 15100~ in about (Not so long) and then can go and war for 10~ deaths. Fucking brilliant.

And as you say gm, this is a WAR OT. But dont forget to think outside the box, not only on PVP-E. Without gettin FAST exp at monsters. It wont get any longlasting wars.
I bet some thinks, what if a "no-lifer" stay there and exp a whole day. Yes, he will get alot exp. So? He exped there manuelly, hes reward = Levels for war. But its a PVPe, so he will war and lose some.

Death losses are good, gains from lows are to high. Make it less like 1% or something. And you should gain atleast 5 levels from killing any player near your level.

Remove megabless, use odrinary bless for 10 leveldrop.
(Reduce the non-bless loss to about 20-30 levels. Now its about 100.

I can make you a monster list, exp gained, what damage they should deal, spells, location, everything.

Make these changes, I demand you to make them. And I swear the ot will be 10000x better.


PS: Btw, when you all finish reading this purity. You already signed it to become reality because you know this is the future of Exoria to become better. So no Bullshit. Bye.
- Credit goes to King Garrosh
for creating this text.

You loose to much levels on the highones so heres a exp suggestion. You will loose 40 lvls without bless, 10 with bless and 5 with mega, and with that you will only gain a maximum of 5 levels per kill.
It's time for this server to get more quests that new players can do above 5k and under 7k~~
it's boring to pvp in the same spawn and shit all the time so maybe you can make a little map thingy, change some ways etc make the shit funnier, and do it once in a month or something. So we dont get bored by waring and pvping in the same spawns/huntings all the time.

Players can teleport them out from a spawn to temple, with mwalls and tera walls which is very boring when youre about to kill a high lvl, gm you should fix this small bug or whatever you want to call it.

also some new spells would be nice, then i'm thinking about level 10 000 and 13 000!

Maybe have some more custom events, such as CTF,king of the hill etc.

Bug report
There are plenty of door bugs atm in the city and a few in castles & players are able to block the event entrance with items.

I suggest that the house system should be like donation castles, if you are offline for x days, youre house will be cleaned and with no owner= other players can have fun with that house.

That's my suggestion list. :)
03.02.15 15:34:46
Edited by Uncle Kabom
on 03.02.15 16:16:19

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
I refuse version upgrade!! only make update to ur ot to attract more players..
More Hunts , More Quests .
- When u kill someone lvl 15k u gain only 1-4 lvls please change this exp to be much more.

@gm exoria out of this thread u gave me ban by mistake i didn't use my char to get hacked points or never had a castle or bought from ur website hope u are understand me !!
u can check my char or take everything in it but i need my char only .
03.02.15 16:47:07

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
I Hope To Make More Events Like :
- Run Event.
- Last Man Standing event ( Will be so Fun )
-Capture the Flag Event.

03.02.15 16:50:13

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
its Evo Ot
So u don't need thais map
just make a different map like enigma or another city
03.02.15 16:55:25

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
We can't exiva players with name Nexus At First Or Net < Or Have Zapto in the name so please repair this bug
03.02.15 17:17:03
King Garrosh

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 18776

Posts: 123
KABOM +9999999999

Client update: We are gone.

= Ot dies.

A client update isnt the last chance to get rid of the mcs. Sure, the mc use is being used by almost everyone. But let me tell you this, the mcs, is that keeping this ot alive and 100+ players online daily.
So basically the only way (Probably) to get rid of MCs 100% is to get a client update.

So, to get rid of all the mcs isnt the future of exoria.
Make it harder for them is.

As Kabom copy/pasted, remove uh. The UH on other players are the most OP thing on this ot.

It is really hard to get rid of the mcs, we have tried almost everything. The only way to "make it less 100vs100 in war" is to have a active tutor. The only thing this tutor can do is "jail players for 12h+", but needs screenshot or somehow proof when jailing. So it wont be any "jail-abuses".

Some things that might interest you:

Spells : "I will only write of those who need an upgrade of spells"

Sorcerers & Druids : Mages have good spells. What they need is one more single target spell. Stronger than Exori mort gran, weaker than ue. Mages should be funnier to play.

Name: Exori Vis Strike
Mana: 20-40?%
Damage: From a sight of a 15k mage, mort does about 60-65k, this spell will do a 3 element-shot-combo. Like Exori hur gran mas, but with elements. The damage dealt will be around 30k each strike. Meaning the outcome will be 90k damage~.

Knights : Only change for knights is the 15k spell. It doesnt get any stronger the higher level you have. Either make it stronger by the higher level you get, or replace it to single target spell.

Name: Exori gran ico
Mana: 40%
Damage: At 15k, 100k. Remember, its a single damage dealt attack, not like exori hur gran mas

Buffs :

Sorcerers & Druids :
Example 1
Name: Utamo Energy
Buff: Increases the mana with 30%
Lasts: 10 sec
Cooldown: 30 sec

Example 2
Name: Utamo Mort
Buff: Increases the damage dealt with 10%
Lasts: 5-10 sec
Cooldown: 1 minute

Paladins :
Name: Exura Divine
Buff: Increases maxhp with 20%, maxmana with 20%
Lasts 10 sec
Cooldown: 30 sec

Knights :
Name: Utamo Reflect
Buff: Decreases maxhp with 30~%, therefore all incooming attacks to the player reflects back to the shooters. Doing 30-50% damage back to the shooter.

This is serious proposals that can be taken into this ot.
I can also give you ideas of new monsters, quests, spawns etc.

03.02.15 20:47:04
Edited by King Garrosh
on 03.02.15 21:33:58

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 10999

Posts: 1
Client update--> 10:50 meaning 0 player 0 pvp..
it should still 8:60
*only you have to
1:Repair errors like "neux" cannot exive someone with this name.

2:Repair errors like "/bc" guys can advertisement other ots if you add /bc of the text like "/bc TEXT"

*My ideas..
(1):Add new hunting places..
(2):Add More Levels At player kills.. not 1~3 Levels..
(3)Add More Quests to attract more ppls

Hope Still 8:60 If you need you players still play exoria
03.02.15 23:05:54
Edited by Looptrop
on 03.02.15 23:46:53
Dragon Boll Zx

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 6999
Memder of Fala fiote

Posts: 4
GM Exori @

Affects Version A Flower
1) First Players That ENTER AND Your Donation Sp 1 Castle ago For 30 Days Not Enough UN Parr Player suvel De nive Because alguas 24 Characters Can not Be Time.

2) Map In The Old Avia UN 361 Players For The Castle always were and Podeian Suvil This Much leveled.

3) During the debate Than A UN idivido Activity Exoria and Prune Hack Its not aga is Sinifica That Banned YOU to all you have to Verify Very Good As It was YOU WHEN iso prohibition to All That person Server WAS 99-100 lowered himself UN player in offline.

4) YOU Want Change of Versio 8.60 to 10.50 Parr That eva Bot But Not Only Looking UN Quedece player As suve With 24 Hour Bot bot hard entoce the Little Manual Level Level That Suve As YOU BELIEVE SOMEONE That If you can Bot with Dura Much Manual Only Inmgine. Exoria have 100-130 offline al Dia Because most Son Bot Change version if YOU do not open much Bot Entoce The Flowers of vajar Average 40-60 and solo dia War The Flowers aver 80-100.

5) In the classification level Already in UNOS Day All YOU have the Son 15k You Start A Parr magic Create the Highest Levels.

6) You have to give more matenimiento to Exoria-ot Server
Because YOU OR in December sediment Something New Every Day The Same is the pk and pk bot bot and you have to put more quets map Un Mas nice new developments.

Well This Is What I HOPE YOU ALL Exoria volume measurement.

Exoria New: Att ......
04.02.15 14:45:40
Canon Cross

Owner: Master Sorcerer
Level: 12795

Posts: 7
I vote yes to the client update because the graphics are so much better, theres mounts and tons of new items in this version that could be hardly awarded or some new donor items because basically your set doesnt even matter into pvp because everyone has the same set.

I also vote yes because the pvp got boring because of the knights. They do tons of damage and are impossible to kill . They controll the whole pvp. You only see knights with mc in the whole server. Its boring
04.02.15 17:48:54
Baker Junior

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 1517

Posts: 22
I agree with Kabom and Garrosh, about the new updates.
But, 9.80 is almost like the 8.6 but it have better graphics, mounts, new outfits and the pvp is not like 10.50+.
In Rl Tibia, the fire doesn't hit another players unless u make the PVP Mode on.

*Bots: Xenobot, Magebot, Windbot m.m is not like Elfbot on 8.6. It's different, i've tested it myself, i can't even make 1 script. So i just download the scripts instead of making some myself. So, maybe for the PRO bot users on Elfbot will know how to make the MC's, but i don't think they can do it in less than 1 year.

*Houses, I'm 100% with Garrosh about the houses, all of the houses in the OT is boughted by players who quited a along time ago. So every player that didn't loggin for 2-3 weeks they should be for sale again and every Months Rent also, you pay like 10k every 10sqm. So if it's 100sqm you have to pay 100k every month, and this is a OT, so it's probably easy to get 10kk+?

*Bank, you should make the deposit, withdraw balance and transfer. It would be much funnier.

*Tutor: You should make a new Tutor application. The first time you did the tutor application you didn't take the votes, you just picked the one u thought was the best and he sucked. You should ask people about this specific player and know about his reputation from the players, if he do some illegal things, mc's etc.

*Hunting: You should make the leveling more funnier, example: Team hunt, m.m.

*Levels: When you die you lose many levels with bless, and without you lose 100 levels. That's too much.

*Events: You should make raids, CTF etc.

*Addons: If the addons can be obtained by collecting required items it should be much funnier. I'm not saying that it should be hard like RL, but that's just a suggestion.

*VIP: I think it would be great if you make a VIP Area. (You can put it on Shop or A Really hard quest, or both of them)

*Vocations: I don't think the vocations is balanced. The knights hits more than a mage. The paladins is a really powerless vocation, it's only good on level 10k+. Mage's almost can't even tank a EK. Ek's hits like hell in this ot and they can tank alot.

*Runes: You should remove that players can UH someone other. Druids, why does they exist? They got exura sio "NAME. If Exura sio doesn't heal enough, why don't you upgrade it? Or maybe make a new sio spell like: Exura gran sio "NAME? I don't mean to make it overpower and heal 50k+. I mean like 10-15k maximum. It could work really good.

*Information about me: I quited Exoria becouse of the issues, not active staff members. The last thing that maked me quit for sure was the MC. That's why i'm doing my best on writing here on forums to stop it.

All the best,
Exorian Player.
04.02.15 19:19:11
Edited by Baker Junior
on 04.02.15 19:34:51
Primo Zaptoria

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15062
Holy Warrior of Gods of War

Posts: 76
Don't update this server to 10.50, do like Kabom said! Listen to us we know this server. If u update this server to 10.50 every1 will leave, this is rly fun like it is right now!
04.02.15 20:58:07
Canon Cross

Owner: Master Sorcerer
Level: 12795

Posts: 7
The ones who are against it are the ones who take the most advantage of the mc. Power abusers
04.02.15 21:47:08
King Garrosh

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 18776

Posts: 123
Canon Cross, you are retarded.
If this server will get client update, the one who first has some kind of uber bot with MC script will pwn everyone.

Update client = ot dead.

Just make a big update.
Eks are OP cuz of the ability to uh eachother. Thats why you see all the mcs as eks.
04.02.15 22:50:45
Canon Cross

Owner: Master Sorcerer
Level: 12795

Posts: 7
Then you are also retarded if you think thats why knights are op. Knight werent supposed to do that amount of dmg. Look at other servers or even real tibia. Knights are made to ressist damage but not to deal it. Its absolutely absurd that they can solo a mage just by pushing a button
05.02.15 00:46:37

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
Ot Upgrade = No players in ur ot
i won't play ots 10.50
if u need CTF event , Eggs event,LMS , Hail OF the King , TFS 0,3,6 i can give u it .
05.02.15 06:59:42
Baker Junior

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 1517

Posts: 22
Originally posted by Canon Cross on 05.02.15 01:46:37:
Then you are also retarded if you think thats why knights are op. Knight werent supposed to do that amount of dmg. Look at other servers or even real tibia. Knights are made to ressist damage but not to deal it. Its absolutely absurd that they can solo a mage just by pushing a button

I just want to say one thing to you.
Firstly, Knights in rltibia make more damage than mages.
Secondary, the offline training is the biggest problem.
I'll give you a example:
*Create a Knight.
*Make him level 8.
*Offline Train him in 1 year.
*While he's training in the 1 year you can level up your main or do whatever you want to do.
*After the 1 year, he'll rock. Example:
Axe fighting: 100
Defence: 90
=Damage 100+
When he's level 100+ he will be too strong.

(I have myself a knight on Antica level 150.)
All the best,
Exorian Player.
05.02.15 12:33:50
Canon Cross

Owner: Master Sorcerer
Level: 12795

Posts: 7
Lol then there are 2 different cases:

1.-you dont know how to count.

2.-you dont know jackshit about mages.

A knight in any type of reallity can solo a mage of his level or even higher
05.02.15 14:27:14
Uncle Kabom

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15188

Posts: 615
I remember you, you're that noob that sucked everyones cock
05.02.15 14:27:49

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