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Exoria Major Update !
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

Level: 21312
Leader of Test

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Greetings Exorian's,

We have done our major update during the last few weeks, the update contains every requested feature beside our custom features.

<li>Replaced Crystal spider loot with crystal coins instead of gold nuggets.</li>
<li>NPC captain jax will not let you travel to rookguard unless you are level 4500+.</li>
<li>Fixed Goblins now they can be found at their spawns in rook.</li>
<li>ecreased Crystal Spider loot from to be crystal coins instead of gold nuggets.</li>
<li>Increased Minotaur Mage / Bear / Poison Spider (Health / Power).</li>
<li>Fixed Bosses loots and staged them.</li>
<li>Fixed Zombie Event.</li>

The New Features:
<li>Added the old widow boss into the rookguard (hard one).</li>
<li>Add Orc Marauder boss the rookguard (hard one).</li>
<li>Added Super Demon resp at the VIP island (Level 2000+).</li>
<li>Added Super Dark Torturer resp at the VIP island (Level 3000+).</li>
<li>Added Super Hydra Resp at the VIP island (Level 4000+).</li>
<li>Added Super Orshabaal Resp at the VIP island (Level 5000+).</li>
<li>Added 4 gold nuggets quest into the rookguard (mino room).</li>
<li>Added 10 Death runes quest into the rookguard (bears room).</li>

According to your requests about adding FREE POINTS SYSTEM we have added Exchanger NPC into the temple, now you will be able to change gold nuggest / soul orbs for premium points on the website.

Some Update Photos:


We hope that you like the major update and let us know if you have anymore feedback / requests.

<em>King Regards,
GM Exoria.</em>
17.04.13 11:23:56
Edited by GM Exoria
on 17.04.13 13:30:35
Pass The Ganja

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 7590

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has the soul orb and exp scrolls been added more exp given? its practiclly useless if you dont? needs to atleast touch 8ks atleast even if its 1-3% whatever? but its needs to be done in my opinon ?
24.05.13 14:43:38

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