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Introducing Cast System
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

Level: 21312
Leader of Test

Posts: 310
Greeting's Exoria Residents,

<img style="margin-top:4px;" src="/images/letters/T.gif"/>oday we would like to introduce to you something we have been working on developing it during the last few weeks, it's called Cast System. However, some of you might have experienced this system into few other servers and others not.

What's the Cast System about?
Cast system is a unique feature which allows players to spectate each other through the Tibia Client, it's a way like a live stream though a specific player window, to watch how he plays and what he is actually doing online.

<center><img src="" style="border:5px solid brown;" /></center>
How does the system works?
We are at the early stage of the system development, so we have only coded the core functions which allows you to only spectate a player without any further functions such as (Cast Password, Ban Spectator, etc..). Anyway, we are going to add these extra functions once we are done of this beta cast. So, how do i really activate this system?

To open a stream (Caster) type !cast on
To close a stream (Caster) type !cast off

To watch a stream as Spectator: Hit an enter or press login at the login window of the client without entering an account or password, a list of current streamers will show up and you will be able to see how many spectator is watching this streamer and also login to his stream.

We strongly recommend you to try out this system while we are monitoring it's performance to ensure it's stability and capability to continue with us a lifetime feature on Exoria. Remember, !cast on and !cast off

Starting Streaming and Watching!
GM Exoria
27.07.14 02:34:03
Edited by GM Exoria
on 27.07.14 03:12:27
Hancock Thor

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 7140

Posts: 1
U area GOOD I love u ot bro
27.07.14 02:44:47
X-LekoR Xx

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 7418

Posts: 32
Nice Work,
Hope U Can Always Do New Things
To Ur Own Ot And For Us
Good System

27.07.14 06:01:46
Ninja NetReS

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15057

Posts: 11
hi dear GM EXORIA
You make unbanned to player without ninja assassin please bring this character to me for his items like the player who unbanned now
14.08.14 21:36:48

Owner: Druid
Level: 61

Posts: 1
24.08.14 10:54:03
Edited by Nedimbone
on 24.08.14 10:54:12
Ninja NetReS

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15057

Posts: 11
I sent a message to you since more than half of the month and you did not open ur email so far I hope you bring my character back like other players please open the Google mail to know me how to return these character (Ninja Assassin)
GMAIL > Ğẻŋẽrāl ĄħMęd ŠắMểř
29.08.14 14:47:28

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 16181
Holy Warrior of Gods of War

Posts: 2
CAN YOU FUCKING DO SO WE GET WARNINGS THAT U DONT GOT BLESS, I HAVE FUCKING DIED MILLIONS OF TIMES WITHOUT BLESS CAUSE I HAVENT BEEN WARNED LIKE BEFORE, Im gonna be fully honest, ur the worst GM I have ever seen, the only fucking thing u care about is money, come on dude think.. DO WARNINGS WHEN UR NOT BLESSED!
08.09.14 01:45:24

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12859

Posts: 28
i Sent You A Message On Ur Gmail :
To Back My Char Giphrax
I Need It Unban
Please Report Me Back
13.10.14 11:50:15
Awesome Nathan

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 8239

Posts: 3
Cool, but i need undelete to get my fun back..
13.11.14 16:02:01
Star Ed

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 6865

Posts: 1
Man now i egt 20 Player Play Here In Exoria And i get More Im Love This Server And Im Need 100 Point FOr MY Friends can U Sent To Me 100 Point And Show Player I GET Player Agin But Sent TO Me 100 Point I Get Donte For My Frinds :D
Thx Man
30.11.14 15:31:37
Yefri De

Owner: Knight
Level: 2324

Posts: 1
Gm Exori De Buer Beme El Tibia Mi Plix Tu Estas Per Diendo Juga Dores I Cuan Dome Los De Buel Ba Gua Donar Un Castle Con Targeta DE Cre Dito :P :/ :D Plix TeLo Pido De Buelbeme Avenger Of Yefri y Yefri Of Avenger
19.01.15 20:21:27
Edited by Yefri De
on 19.01.15 20:22:02

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