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New server IP
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

Level: 21312
Leader of Test

Posts: 310
Hello Everyone,

There has been an issue with our domain provider for the domain. However, as it seems that there domains will not be working any longer we have assigned the new domain to the server instead of Please use it from now, it will last for the lifetime of the server.

New Server IP:

GM Exoria
01.07.14 14:54:16
Edited by GM Exoria
on 01.07.14 14:54:22
Desor Of Knight

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 7339
Member of el mmg

Posts: 9
Gm exoria ah please give me unban my account desorption
01.07.14 15:23:46
Laxus Fatality

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 12001

Posts: 3
Good Lord avenged him make a clarification on the issue of deletiada accounts, you deletio I do not know why my account if I do not blame tube, friends told me they were giving away items
I need you to return my account, I hope your answer if you please thanks
01.07.14 15:24:06
Edited by Laxus Fatality
on 01.07.14 15:35:06

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 16271

Posts: 54
dont change your ip and website domain If you dont report it ingame Oo i cant login 2 days u have luck that i dont lost a castle tard gm-.-
02.07.14 07:24:48
Uncle Kabom

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15188

Posts: 615
17:13 Your last visit was on Wed Jul 02 02:49:51 2014.
17:13 Please use our new IP to login to the server:
02.07.14 15:12:06
NeXuS AdvEntUreR

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 15249

Posts: 6
please gm back my recover key i lose my recover
10.11.14 10:53:25
Druid Makih

Owner: Elder Druid
Level: 8723

Posts: 2
Gm shows my char please event that stood there,
30.11.14 11:01:01
Edited by Druid Makih
on 30.11.14 11:01:51

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