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This Week Guild War Competition !
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

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This week Guild War Event wasn't a regular one, over 120 players were contributing into the event. Exoria Legends caused a new foundation of some kind of Team-Work and Big diversion at their PvP skills.

Some Photos:


<em>Long Live Wars, Long Live Exoria !</em>

Don't miss the Wars!
GM Exoria
06.07.13 01:01:30

Owner: Elite Knight
Level: 8425
President of Inception

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and my guild won as usual..
06.07.13 01:58:09
Edited by Eatmysword
on 06.07.13 01:58:47

Owner: Elder Druid
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Hey! Exoria owner could you unban ban my best friend Peaceonthestreet would be awesome
06.07.13 12:45:02
Old Ghost Figooo

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Eatmysword What Guild Are U Talking About Who Won And Shit ? Ur Guild Memmbers Are Like 10 Or 15 U Got Luckey Cuz The Whole Ot Was Fighting Aginst My Guild Ofcurse U Will Win Cuz U just Stand Next to The Nexus And Trap Ur Self With Magic Wall In Open Wars Like The The Frost Dragon Battels We Used To Have While I Was Active At Pking U Were Just Standing In Pz Or You'er Guild Memmbers And Your Body Would Be On The Ground Like Every Time Here's A Print Screen For Ya.
12.07.13 09:36:27

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