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New Team Hunting, !fly command, New Premium Houses and more!
by GM Exoria
GM Exoria

Owner: Master Sorcerer
Level: 4404

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Hello everyone,
- Added new Explorer monsters into the open world of Rookguard, they give LOTS of exp.
- Added new manarune upgrader for mages at the Golden Tier quest.
- Added new command !highscores
- Added new !fly command for VIP players to instantly travel between places.
- Added new Premium Houses at the east of temple, each house costs 500 Exoria Coins.
- New Team Hunting area has been added to Golden Tier.
- Team hunting monsters now has to be killed by at least 4 players to give exp and rewards; the exp is equal among all killers however each gains based on the stage he/she is in.
- New Attribute Point at the new team hunting area is dropped, but the chance is very low.
- Exevo gran mas mort and Exevo gran mas energy now costs 1% instead of 10%.
- Defense Reroll token has been replaced with another stack-able item.

See you in another patch!
GM Exoria
27.05.20 19:49:07

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