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Paladin Is oppressed
Y After I Got Full Critical Set and I was Thinking...
Hassan Mansour018726.08.19 15:15:13
by Hassan Mansour
Paladin Buff.
Could u buff abit paladin his dmg is so weak and h...
Dark Lord120125.08.19 13:28:15
by Qel'avriel
Suck dick :-)...
Kabom025923.03.19 20:38:09
by Kabom
@GM Exoria
I will not write a wall of text, I could do it, bu...
Garrosh Hellscream098412.11.18 17:45:33
by Garrosh Hellscream
Rant from Kabom #1 :--)
So I have no idea how to start this thread to be h...
Kabom743729.10.18 11:53:35
by Garrosh Hellscream
egyptian donate
i from egypt and i cant donate.. make a new way s...
Legendary Hogan024801.10.18 23:01:40
by Legendary Hogan
How Egyptian can donate ?
hey gm exoria i think we should can have a offers ...
Lol026805.09.18 05:04:06
by Lol
hey dear Gm Exoria i got an idea cuz sever still ...
FAK ALL CHARLOVERS038530.08.18 22:59:19
More Quests n hunts
I feel that there should be more to do on the serv...
Fizzy333228.08.18 17:50:49
by MassiV
When come back?
When i start it say just test ot and will reset ag...
Pvp128714.08.18 17:05:31
by Ali Xiber
Reset again
ooh should no level up ? server will reset again ?...
Pvp231614.08.18 00:35:12
by Arg Style
Lost account
Yestrday i create account here to get my name back...
Miller'boy034513.08.18 02:06:47
by Miller'boy

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