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Let us hear your feedback - client upgrade or not?
Greetings Exoria Residents, We would like to ke...
GM Exoria58590201.06.17 08:24:22
by Natsudragneel
Introducing Cast System
Greeting's Exoria Residents, <img style="margin...
GM Exoria11236419.01.15 20:21:27
by Yefri De
Exoria Summer Update - It's war time !
<a href="" target="_...
GM Exoria39431125.10.17 19:25:06
by Psz
New server IP
Hello Everyone, There has been an issue with ou...
GM Exoria6143830.11.14 11:01:01
by Druid Makih
Sale on Normal Donation Castles [Limited Time]
<center> [img][/img] ...
GM Exoria36221216.07.14 13:47:49
Spread out with ideas [Upcoming Update]
</br><center><img src="
GM Exoria100459130.06.14 16:05:16
by Giphrax
New Donation Castles System & Save System
<img style="margin-top:4px;" src="/images/letters/...
GM Exoria47342410.08.14 06:34:10
by Pirke Knight
Intentionally players killing using Multi Client
<img style="margin-top:4px;" src="/images/letters/...
GM Exoria53307209.06.14 22:08:54
by Babylonlee
Thais War City [Full Update]
<center><a href="" ...
GM Exoria16153318.05.14 01:17:03
by The Evil
Main City Map Change [Thais War]
<center><a href="" ...
GM Exoria19137825.11.13 14:56:27
by Uncle Kabom
Further Changes regarding the recent PVP Enchantments
<img style="margin-top:4px;" src="/images/letters/...
GM Exoria20184927.01.14 06:35:22
by Fingerprint
PVP Enchantments and Exp From Players !
<img src="" style="border...
GM Exoria11130102.10.13 21:23:17
by Explode
Exoria Update Series Has Started !
[b]Greetings Everyone[/b], <center>[img]http://...
GM Exoria35250214.10.13 22:06:34
by Houda We Pas
Exoria Update Series !
News article still in progress... Just wanted ...
GM Exoria62319628.08.13 10:20:00
by Abdo We Bas
Upcoming Updates [Suggestions & Feedback]
<em>Hello Everyone,</em> We are planning to do ...
GM Exoria43316216.09.13 19:29:16
by Uncle Kabom
This Week Guild War Competition !
This week Guild War Event wasn't a regular one, ov...
GM Exoria3108112.07.13 09:36:27
by Old Ghost Figooo
Regarding the current issues
As you have noticed there any some failing for you...
GM Exoria20207919.07.13 02:11:49
by Uncle Kabom
[Video]Criminal thoughts new video
[b]Hello Everyone,[/b] A new video brought to y...
GM Exoria11122121.07.15 22:46:39
by Revolverr Nexus Rr
15th June to 17th June: Double Experience
[b]Greetings Exorian's,[/b] As promised last we...
GM Exoria14108829.06.13 22:24:43
by Black Punisher
New Hunting areas and Mega Bless Falcon !
[b]Greeting's Everyone,[/b] And There you go Ex...
GM Exoria16126026.04.16 18:11:36
by Ultimate Maro

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