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Level 20000+ Patch
<br> <center> <img src="https://cdn.discordapp.c...
GM Exoria114811.08.20 14:08:19
by Bellatrix
Level 15000+ Patch!
<br> <center><img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com...
GM Exoria014314.07.20 02:51:32
by GM Exoria
No PK (no rs taking while bot) + new pet
<br><center><img src="http://i.imglobby.com/TbiCE....
GM Exoria014415.06.20 02:53:35
by GM Exoria
Platinum Tier Patch is here!
<br><center> <img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com...
GM Exoria08813.06.20 14:02:44
by GM Exoria
Platinum Tier Patch from 12k to 15k+ COMING SOON
<br> <center> <h1>Working on MASSIVE patch for p...
GM Exoria07508.06.20 14:38:52
by GM Exoria
New TeamHunt Dungeon, +10 New Quests, NoN PvP Hunting and more!
<br> Hey everyone, Another patch today! check...
GM Exoria07901.06.20 18:50:08
by GM Exoria
New Quest, Dungeon, Hunting, and Tasks!
<br> <center><a href="https://i.ibb.co/HYg0DhT/im...
GM Exoria06830.05.20 02:52:56
by GM Exoria
New Team Hunting, !fly command, New Premium Houses and more!
<br> <center> <a href="https://media.discordapp....
GM Exoria08427.05.20 19:49:07
by GM Exoria
Team Hunting and 1 new Hidden Attribute Point
<br>Hello everyone, - Added 1 new attribute poi...
GM Exoria08924.05.20 04:01:09
by GM Exoria
New Resps at Golden Tier (Level 7500+) and 2 upcoming quests
<br>Hey Everyone, I have been working on a coup...
GM Exoria07622.05.20 03:24:19
by GM Exoria
Golden Tier Patch!
<br> Hey everyone, Today we have released the fo...
GM Exoria07619.05.20 13:24:04
by GM Exoria
Dungeon Patch
<br> <center> <img src="https://media.discordapp...
GM Exoria07518.05.20 02:28:58
by GM Exoria
Bosses drops!
<br><center><img src="http://i.imglobby.com/HLvG6....
GM Exoria08017.05.20 02:26:33
by GM Exoria
Exoria 2020 Remade from scratch, much more content and same awesome wars!
<center> <iframe width="1000" height="500" src="h...
GM Exoria010408.05.20 22:51:38
by GM Exoria
Dungeon Store & Dungeon Arena, and Attributes
<center> <img src="http://i.imglobby.com/XaT3i.pn...
GM Exoria016426.01.20 22:24:33
by GM Exoria
Exoria.net 2019 — a New Era
<center> <br> <h1>Exoria.net 2019 — A New Era<...
GM Exoria030315.06.19 18:20:30
by GM Exoria
Upcoming Update Poll
<center> <br> <iframe src="https://docs.google.c...
GM Exoria287307.12.18 21:30:22
by Llamas
New PvP Mode — Always gain exp from killing, no limits!
<center><br><img src="http://i.imglobby.com/NM45y....
GM Exoria295017.12.18 11:27:39
by Blazing Felcity
New Mage Spell, Critical Chance Changes, Knight Weapons
<br><center><img src="http://i.imglobby.com/iz6mT....
GM Exoria383023.01.19 14:55:48
by Maldonia
Clan System, Battle Power Share, Team Hunting, and Guild War
<center><h1 style="font-size: 42px; text-shadow: 1...
GM Exoria055628.10.18 22:04:38
by GM Exoria

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1 - Bellatrix
1 Lvl: 26666
2 - Sober Supreme
2 Lvl: 22223
3 - Dingus
3 Lvl: 22021
4 - Thor
Lvl: 21111
5 - Lambie The Paladin
Lvl: 21095
6 - Rah'man
Lvl: 20874
7 - Dingo
Lvl: 20548
8 - Suleiman-heart
Lvl: 20041
9 - Vendetta
Lvl: 20011
10 - Old Kome
Lvl: 17893
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