RPG Exoria custom evolultion 8.6 - Dungeons - Bosses - Hidden Treasures - Unique Spells - and events!
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What's the best vocation?

We are glad to tell you that all our vocations are 100% balanced, so choose your favorite vocation and enjoy it !

Where can I get levels?

If you are a new player we suggest you to go Rotworms, Dragons and Dragon lords. After that you will be strong enough to fight against the stronger monsters in hunting room. After level 2000 you can enter the 2k+ hunting room. We advise you to hunt Super Demons first and work your way up.

What are donation castles?

Donation castles are big houses with training monks, depots and a own hunting spot! In our donation shop you can find 2 types of castles, a normal and a large one. If you want good exp and a save place to hunt make sure you a castle!

Where can I get fast cash?

You can get fast cash from monsters like Baby dragon, rats, and all monsters on Exoria gives cash, the stronger the monster, the better is the loot.

Help! I found a bug!

If you found a bug please contact one of our staff members as soon as possible! If none is online, please post the bug on our forums!

Where can I find the server information?

Take a look on our page: http://exoria.net/?subtopic=serverinfo or just use the !serverinfo command in-game.

I have a problem with donating. How can I contact you?

In this case you should send an email to our "Support Team" on our forums.

I have some suggestions for the server. How and where can I propose them?

If you have good ideas to improve the quality of this server please post them on the FeedBack and Suggestions Thread on the game-chat forum on our website!

How can I get free donate points?

In the temple you, go second floor, you will find a teleport which sells all donations for gold bars!

How can I obtain frag hearts?

You can get soul orbs by killing other players. For every player you kill, you will get 1 frag heats. use !releasehearts when you collect 10 and get reward!

What events does this Exoria server have?

We have 4 standards events: Fire Storm Event. Daily at 17:00 GMT+1 You read: Guild War Event. Fridays 20:00 GMT+1 Zombie Event. Daily at 18:00 GMT+1 Massive Team Battle starts after announcement on the website. All of these events have great rewards like donation points, so make sure you join them all! Sometimes we also have events organized by one of the staff members.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1 - Bellatrix
1 Lvl: 26645
2 - Sober Supreme
2 Lvl: 22214
3 - Reberto Ri-p
3 Lvl: 22081
4 - Dingus
Lvl: 22021
5 - Thor
Lvl: 21111
6 - Lambie The Paladin
Lvl: 21087
7 - Rah'man
Lvl: 20866
8 - Dingo
Lvl: 20548
9 - Vendetta
Lvl: 20088
10 - Suleiman-heart
Lvl: 20042
Castle 24h