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Clan System

Clan system is a newly guild system which has lots of features. If your character is above level 10000 you can create a clan from NPC “Clans Creator” at Clans Management Area, teleport can be found in temple. Clans come with level, clan fund, battle power share percentage.

What is Clan Level?

Each clan begins with level 0 and can level up to 5. Each level advance enables the clan members to share more Battle Power in areas they are close to each other. For instance a clan at level 1 will share 30% of the Battle Power margin between themselves and the highest Battle Power member in the same area. Below table shows the BP Bonus Level:

Clan Level Max Members Clan Level Upgrade Requirement Battle Power Shared by Clan Members
1 12 None 50%
2 15 750 Clan Fund 60%
3 20 1250 Clan Fund 75%
4 25 2000 Clan Fund 85%
5 30 2500 Clan Fund 100%

What is Clan Fund?

Each clan has its fund, each clan member can donate to the clan by typing in game-command !clandonategb 25 (this will donate 25 gold bars to the clan). The total clan fund is the summation of all donated funds by each member.

There are 3 donation types: Gold Bar, Premium Points, PK Points, Guide Points.

  • Gold bars: The in game-currency we all know. In game command !clandonategb 25
  • Premium Points: Shop premium points. In game command !clandonatepp 25
  • [NEW] Guide Donation: Power-level your guild mates, to obtain Guide Donation. Visit . In game command !clandonategp 25

Note: Each donation type has different weight upon transfer to Clan Fund.
Total Donation = Gold Bar + Premium Points + Guide Points
Donation Weights: 1 Guide Point = 0.01, 1 Premium Point = 7, 1 Gold Bar = 5

How to Create a Clan?

Visit the Clans Management Area by entering the teleport of it at the temple, then speak with NPC "Clan Creator".

How to Upgrade Clan Level?

Visit the Clans Management Area by entering the teleport of it at the temple, go to the second floor and then speak with NPC "Clans Master".

Clan Management?

You can use the following in-game commands to manage your clan: (You must use them in clan-chat)

  • !invite[name]
  • !leave [name]
  • !kick[name]
  • !revoke[name]
  • !demote[name]
  • !promote[name]
  • !passleadership[name]
  • !nick[name, nick]
  • !setrankname[oldName, newName]
  • !setmotd[text]
  • !cleanmotd.
You may also view your clan members and their donations (if you are logged in on the website and member of the clan) by visiting the Clan System Web Page

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1 - Bellatrix
1 Lvl: 26645
2 - Sober Supreme
2 Lvl: 22214
3 - Reberto Ri-p
3 Lvl: 22081
4 - Dingus
Lvl: 22021
5 - Thor
Lvl: 21111
6 - Lambie The Paladin
Lvl: 21087
7 - Rah'man
Lvl: 20866
8 - Dingo
Lvl: 20548
9 - Vendetta
Lvl: 20088
10 - Suleiman-heart
Lvl: 20042
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