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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Guild Membership:STRONG of the Army Campaign
Last login:23 March 2018, 7:29 pm
Vip Status:VIP

Player Health: 150170/150170
Player Mana:625130/625680
Player Level:15017
Player Experience:56419787794828 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 56418920057600 EXP to Level 15018.
23 Mar 2018, 18:44 Killed at level 15027 by Horimzn, En El Tenen and by rat..
23 Mar 2018, 18:38 Killed at level 15030 by NeXuS MaTaDoR DonnJaGaMaL, Horimzn, En El Tenen, NeXuS MaTaDoR DonJeGaMaL and by NeXuS MaTaDoR DonJiGaMaL..
23 Mar 2018, 09:21 Killed at level 15016 by Dongs, Horimzn, SlayeR OVER, xXSoTjXx, Donga, Donge and by rat..
23 Mar 2018, 09:18 Killed at level 15018 by Donga, NeXuS MaTaDoR DonJiGaMaL, NeXuS MaTaDoR DonJaGaMaL, Horimzn, Donga Rip, SlayeR OVER, Donge, Dongx, Dongz, NeXuS MaTaDoR DonJeGaMaL and by Dongs..
23 Mar 2018, 08:59 Killed at level 15021 by Donga, KB RLEANVEX, Realize Wrong, Dongs and by Dongx..
19 Mar 2018, 12:27 Killed at level 15023 by Tomie Lyaxzie, KB RLEANVEX, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomois Lyaxize, Donga, Donge and by Dongs..
19 Mar 2018, 12:25 Killed at level 15027 by Tomois Lyaxize, LeGenD ScOrpiO, Dzmy, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomie Lyaxzie and by King Spadzinsky..
12 Mar 2018, 22:49 Killed at level 15016 by Rafutral and by Crazy Sniper..
9 Mar 2018, 17:22 Killed at level 15002 by Caapture The Spirits, Capture The Spirits, Capture The Spiiriits, Capture The Spiirits and by Realize Wrong..
8 Mar 2018, 10:38 Killed at level 15008 by Devien, Devein, Devinx, Deviin, Devins, Devin and by baby hand..

Account Information
Real name:Jo0OoO
Created:18 December 2012, 6:04 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. V-I-PExoria15017 Elder DruidOffline

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