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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Last login:17 March 2018, 11:27 am
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Player Health: 150045/150045
Player Mana:597202/599760
Player Level:14994
Player Experience:56169083529132 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 56160049240900 EXP to Level 14995.
17 Mar 2018, 11:14 Killed at level 14993 by Aexprion, Crooked King Ed, SHAKUZA and by V-I-P..
17 Mar 2018, 11:12 Killed at level 14998 by SHAKUZA and by Crooked King Ed..
17 Mar 2018, 11:11 Killed at level 15003 by SHAKUZA, Aexprion, Realize Wrong, KB RLEANVEX, V-I-P and by rat..
17 Mar 2018, 11:10 Killed at level 15006 by V-I-P, SHAKUZA, Aexprion, Realize Wrong and by KB RLEANVEX..
5 Feb 2018, 11:53 Killed at level 15010 by Devin, Donga, Devien, Devein, Deviin, Eltox Rpk, Devins and by Ai Bi..
5 Feb 2018, 11:46 Killed at level 15015 by Tomois Lyaxzie, Tomois Lyazixe, Tomois Lyxoize, Tomois Lyoxzie, Tomie Lyaxzie, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomois Lyaxize, As Harry, Opp S's, Tomois Lyxozio, Sr Harry and by Ultmaed..
18 Jan 2018, 18:04 Killed at level 15007 by DONN KOED and by INSTRUCTOR..
18 Jan 2018, 17:57 Killed at level 15007 by Paladin We Ps, Blayon Axenor, True Power, Palsertryur, Armed Rp, Juaquin MRNeTRoX, King Of Target, Komqi Jzmbling, DONN KOED, Holshdia Sniper and by Matarda Eatrin..
18 Jan 2018, 17:53 Killed at level 15011 by Palsertryur, DONN KOED, Holshdia Sniper, Paladin We Ps, True Power, King Of Target, Armed Rp, Juaquin MRNeTRoX, Komqi Jzmbling, Lemow Adrath, Matarda Eatrin, Xerauoz and by Karem Apper..
18 Jan 2018, 17:48 Killed at level 15016 by Komqi Jzmbling, Blayon Axenor, King Of Target, Palsertryur, Holshdia Sniper, Paladin We Ps, Juaquin MRNeTRoX, True Power, Matarda Eatrin and by Lemow Adrath..

Account Information
Created:4 November 2017, 8:48 am
Account Status:Premium Account

1. XerauozExoria14994 Elder DruidOffline

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