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Character Information
Name:Reality Frozen
Profession:Elder Druid
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Members of the Army Campaign
Last login:18 March 2018, 12:09 am
Vip Status:NOT VIP
Comment:Never Give Fuck :)

Player Health: 151895/151895
Player Mana:631470/632160
Player Level:15179
Player Experience:58270271531798 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 58264840435400 EXP to Level 15180.
18 Mar 2018, 00:09 Killed at level 15190 by RS JAMAICA, RS AGIBA, RS NINJAGO, RS SURVIOR, Zoen, Pirate and by Just For Bedan..
18 Mar 2018, 00:06 Killed at level 15195 by RS AGIBA, Zoen, Pirate, RS JAMAICA, SHAKUZA and by Just For Bedan..
17 Mar 2018, 23:59 Killed at level 15197 by RS HEGUAIN, Zoen, Pirate, RS SURVIOR, RS NINJAGO, RS JAMAICA and by Just For Bedan..
17 Mar 2018, 23:55 Killed at level 15200 by Zoen, Pirate, RS NINJAGO, RS JAMAICA, RS SURVIOR and by RS AGIBA..
17 Mar 2018, 12:08 Killed at level 15201 by Dongx, Donga, Pirate, Zoen, Nexus Judy and by Dongz..
16 Mar 2018, 16:17 Killed at level 15205 by Juaquin MRNeTRoX, Pirate and by DONN KOED..
16 Mar 2018, 16:13 Killed at level 15208 by Dongs, Dongx, Bego Ek, Dongz, DONN KOED and by Eltox Rpk..
16 Mar 2018, 16:02 Killed at level 15213 by Bego Ek, Dongx, Dongs, Dongz and by Donge..
14 Mar 2018, 15:58 Killed at level 15219 by Pirate, Donga Rip, Zoen, Donga and by Bego Ek..
14 Mar 2018, 15:54 Killed at level 15224 by Tomie Lyaxzie, Just For Bedan, Donga, Bego Ek, PreFeReNcE NeXuS, Crooked King Ed and by Donga Rip..

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