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Character Information
Name:Nexus Chudy
Profession:Elite Knight
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Enta Tegry we ana Warak we law za2ntk hanekak ya m
Last login:17 March 2018, 12:25 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Player Health: 283620/283620
Player Mana:126810/126810
Player Level:12681
Player Experience:33972563856726 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 33970643104000 EXP to Level 12682.
4 Feb 2018, 15:28 Killed at level 12678 by Tomois Lyoxzie, Tomie Lyaxzie, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomois Lyaxize, Tomois Lyaxzie, Tomois Lyazixe and by Tomois Lyxozio..
3 Feb 2018, 14:00 Killed at level 12680 by Realize Wrong, Reality Frozen and by Dzmy..
3 Feb 2018, 13:43 Killed at level 12670 by Aexprion, Garaxx, Reality Frozen, Brit, NarcotiC, Zoen and by SHAKUZA..
3 Feb 2018, 13:39 Killed at level 12679 by Garaxx, Reality Frozen, Aexprion, SHAKUZA, Zoen, Rekosha and by Brit..
3 Feb 2018, 13:08 Killed at level 12672 by Rekosha, Garaxx, Brit, NarcotiC and by Aexprion..
31 Jan 2018, 18:05 Killed at level 12669 by Dongz, Donga, Donge, Dongs, Dongx, Bego Ek and by Just For Bedan..
31 Jan 2018, 17:57 Killed at level 12678 by Donga, Just For Bedan, Dongz, Dongx and by Bego Ek..
31 Jan 2018, 17:47 Killed at level 12681 by Dongz, Donge, Dongs, Bego Ek and by Just For Bedan..
31 Jan 2018, 12:30 Killed at level 12683 by Donge, Donga, Dongz, Dongs and by Just For Bedan..
31 Jan 2018, 12:21 Killed at level 12679 by Dongx, Donga, Donge and by Dongs..

Account Information
Created:8 November 2014, 8:52 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. Nexus ChudyExoria12681 Elite KnightOffline
2. Nexus JudyExoria12100 Elite KnightOffline

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