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Character Information
Name:Kiperr Rp
Profession:Royal Paladin
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Last login:17 March 2018, 11:43 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Player Health: 164200/164200
Player Mana:35937/192180
Player Level:9609
Player Experience:14780390240967 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 14777880326400 EXP to Level 9610.
17 Mar 2018, 01:50 Killed at level 9501 by Qas and by wyrm..
14 Mar 2018, 17:12 Killed at level 9437 by Tomois Lyaxize, Tomie Lyaxzie, Tomois Lyoxzie, Tomois Lyaxzie, Tomois Lyazixe and by Tomios Lyxozie..
14 Mar 2018, 17:05 Killed at level 9444 by Tomois Lyaxize, Kumar Parafinns, Tomois Lyoxzie, Tomois Lyaxzie and by Tomois Lyazixe..
14 Mar 2018, 15:27 Killed at level 9431 by Tomios Lyxozie, Kumar Parafinns, Tomie Lyaxzie and by Tomois Lyaxize..
14 Mar 2018, 12:46 Killed at level 9402 by Shadow Phoenix, Shadow Khan, Shadow-khan, a wyrm and by Provide..
13 Mar 2018, 16:50 Killed at level 9374 by Tomie Lyaxzie, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomois Lyazixe, Tomois Lyoxzie and by Tomois Lyaxzie..
13 Mar 2018, 16:48 Killed at level 9380 by Tomois Lyaxize, Tomois Lyaxzie, Tomios Lyxozie, Tomie Lyaxzie and by Tomois Lyazixe..
10 Mar 2018, 06:48 Killed at level 9300 by Omar King and by O'm'a'r..
10 Mar 2018, 06:44 Killed at level 9306 by Shadow-khan, Electric Boy, Omar King and by wyrm..
9 Mar 2018, 17:41 Killed at level 9251 by Caapture The Spirits..

Account Information
Created:10 November 2016, 12:31 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. K-i-B-e-R-rExoria15374 Elder DruidOffline
2. Kiperr RpExoria9609 Royal PaladinOffline
3. Super KiberrExoria6783 Elite KnightOffline

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