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Character Information
Profession:Elite Knight
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Last login:18 March 2018, 1:30 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Player Health: 210545/210545
Player Mana:90260/90260
Player Level:9026
Player Experience:12251195364413 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 12247460182500 EXP to Level 9027.
18 Mar 2018, 13:31 Killed at level 9033 by Reality Frozen, Pirate and by Zoen..
18 Mar 2018, 13:23 Killed at level 9037 by Master Tibia, Rekosha, Starnet, Star Net, Exelias and by Srar Net Ek..
18 Mar 2018, 13:21 Killed at level 9043 by Starnet, Crazy Sniper, Exelias, Master Tibia and by Srar Net Ek..
18 Mar 2018, 13:18 Killed at level 9048 by Shadow Phoenix, Starnet, Exelias, Srar Net Ek, Star Net, Master Tibia and by Insdius..
18 Mar 2018, 13:14 Killed at level 9055 by Rekosha, Starnet, Exelias, Master Tibia, Star Net and by Donga..
17 Mar 2018, 16:57 Killed at level 9060 by Master Tibia, Starnet, Srar Net Ek and by Exelias..
17 Mar 2018, 16:52 Killed at level 9066 by HoRvAT, Kz, Omar King, La BEsTiA, Dang'er Leto, JuBIeLa, Violai and by Danger Leto'o..
17 Mar 2018, 16:41 Killed at level 9070 by Star Net, Starnet, Exelias, Srar Net Ek and by Master Tibia..
17 Mar 2018, 16:33 Killed at level 9133 by Mike Tyson, Omar King, Morrison, Violai, Electric Boy and by Emolga..
17 Mar 2018, 16:26 Killed at level 9136 by Mike Tyson, HoRvAT, Omar King, Morrison and by Violai..

Account Information
Created:18 August 2017, 9:31 am
Account Status:Free Account

1. DeveinExoria9518 Elite KnightOffline
2. DevienExoria9249 Elite KnightOffline
3. DeviinExoria9026 Elite KnightOffline
4. DevinExoria8808 Elite KnightOffline
5. DevinsExoria8619 Elite KnightOffline
6. DevinxExoria8318 Elite KnightOffline
7. DevinzExoria1015 KnightOffline

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