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Character Information
Name:Armed Rp
Profession:Royal Paladin
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Professional Fighting
Last login:9 March 2018, 8:35 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Player Health: 231120/231120
Player Mana:322160/323160
Player Level:15408
Player Experience:60945491748858 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 60942243674200 EXP to Level 15409.
15 Feb 2018, 00:51 Killed at level 15415 by SHAKUZA and by Rekosha..
13 Feb 2018, 17:51 Killed at level 15425 by Davio Kainus..
13 Feb 2018, 17:47 Killed at level 15436 by Tomios Lyxozie, Davio Kainus, Tomie Lyaxzie, Tomois Lyxozie, Tomois Lyxoize, GAME OVERR, Tomois Lyoxzie, Tomois Lyazixe and by Holshdia Sniper..
13 Feb 2018, 17:35 Killed at level 15441 by Tomois Lyaxize, Davio Kainus and by Tomois Lyaxzie..
17 Oct 2017, 16:49 Killed at level 15418 by NeXuS ExiTaDoR, Love Knight, SiRJaiMeLeSS, Nexus Loda Majordom, Xenomorphing and by rat..
13 Oct 2017, 20:58 Killed at level 15421 by DeNuXx, H-O-M-O-E-K, RS SHINDER, DeTHoX, W-A-S-O-N-E-K, a rat and by DONN KOED..
13 Oct 2017, 20:47 Killed at level 15426 by W-A-S-O-N-E-K, Matti Escobar, DeTHoX, DeNuXx, DONN KOED and by Halder..
12 Oct 2017, 19:00 Killed at level 15430 by DeTHoX, RS SHINDER, Shwikar and by H-O-M-O-E-K..
12 Oct 2017, 18:10 Killed at level 15430 by Majoraa Gg, Majoraa Cc, Majoraa Ee, Majoraa Sz and by Majoraa Qq..

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