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There are currently 13 change logs.

13.09.2018- War Arena Event spawning positions is now random so players do not stack on each other at start. - Updated Paladin donation weapon with new one uniquely animated. - Fixed issue with both VIP timers and chest.
12.09.2018Fixed a bug with !releasehearts where players could redeem the reward for hearts which are not obtained by them.
11.09.2018Fixed a bug with the critical not happening on socketed items.
11.09.2018Increased Zombie Event, Firestorm, and Guild War Rewards.
11.09.2018Updated all donation weapons animations with very special effects. Enjoy!
11.09.2018Added new quest in temple which gives x25 Slow runes DAILY to VIP accounts.
11.09.2018Added !broadcast to VIP where each message costs 1 gold nugget. Try it out by typing !broadcast Hello this is to all people in the game!
11.09.2018Mutated Human mission NPC Dario has been moved out to prevent entering and staying idle inside.
11.09.2018Healing other players with uh only heals them 25% if you in PZ to avoid abuses.
11.09.2018Fixed pure energy bug, it can be used to upgrade weapons now.
28.08.2018Added Machete to NPC Riona.
28.08.2018Exori Hur mas and Exori hur gran mas now costs 30% instead of 35%. This enables a triple hit without a single mana cast for Knights.
28.08.2018Updated Frag orbs system. You gain at least +10 frag orbs and up to +20 based on the target's level difference. You must be equal or higher though.
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Top Experience
1 - Bellatrix
1 Lvl: 26645
2 - Sober Supreme
2 Lvl: 22214
3 - Reberto Ri-p
3 Lvl: 22081
4 - Dingus
Lvl: 22021
5 - Thor
Lvl: 21111
6 - Lambie The Paladin
Lvl: 21087
7 - Rah'man
Lvl: 20866
8 - Dingo
Lvl: 20548
9 - Vendetta
Lvl: 20088
10 - Suleiman-heart
Lvl: 20042
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