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Strength Points Guide

Strength Points enables you to customize a portion of your character powers. Strength Points are earned from mainly Bosses and Dungeons.

What are Strength Points?

Strength Points are points which can be allocated into 6 elements, Max health, Max mana, Health Regain, Mana Regain, Damage, and Defense. You choose where and how many to allocate into each element, this will reflect on your character powers and overall strength within the game.

Strength Point Bonus Percentage
Damage element 0.5% bonus damage for each Strength point
Defense Element 0.5% bonus defense for each Strength point
Maximum-Health Element 2% bonus maximum-health for each Strength point
Maximum-Mana Element 5% bonus maximum-mana for each Strength point
Health Regeneration Element 2% of the maximum health as healing every 2 seconds for each Strength point
Mana Regeneration Element 1% of the maximum mana as healing every 2 seconds for each Strength point

How do I find Strength Points?

You can get Strength Points from Bosses and Dungeons in the game. Inside some spawns there are Bosses, read the spawn sign before entering it to know whether or not there is a Boss inside that gives you an Strength point.

Note that you get 1 Strength point from each Boss at maximum; HOWEVER, you might need to defeat that Boss several times to get that point out of it! so do your best!

I got an Strength point into an element like health, but I want to change it into damage. How do I do this?

Once you earn an Strength point it will be randomly allocated into one of the 6 available elements. In order to place an Strength point into another element you will need what is called "Reroll Tokens" which can be used to switch one Strength point from an element like defense into damage and vice versa. It works by simply using the reroll token.They are randomly dropped from all monsters, bosses have higher chance of dropping them.

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