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24 Aug 2015 -
Large donation castles are going to be on sale until the...
Large donation castles are going to be on sale until the end of August 2015. The price is only 280 points instead of 350. Limited time offer.
8 Jul 2015 -
The new MC detection that was released few days ago has...
The new MC detection that was released few days ago has been disabled till its maintained. The old system has been re-activated again.
3 Jul 2015 -
We have just rolled out a new system for the MC killing...
We have just rolled out a new system for the MC killing detection. Please report any issues with the system to; Once the system has been validated, we will release the update.
28 Mar 2015 -
Exoria shop is offering 20% bonus points on any purchases...
Exoria shop is offering 20% bonus points on any purchases you make from today until 14 April 2015. This is a limited time offer!
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Welcome to Exoria-OT
Last joined us: Shihero, player number 87522. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Chuck Norris (20114). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to the Exoria-OT!
Free Houses: 170
Rented Houses: 228
Accounts in database: 94684
Players in database: 87520
Banned accounts: 11883
Guilds in databese: 1347

February 3 2015 - Let us hear your feedback - client upgrade or not?
Greetings Exoria Residents,

We would like to keep you updated that in a short time from now we are about to release a big update to Exoria OT, the update will have many new features added to the server and updates to the current one. More details about the update content will be posted soon.

However, there will remain one standing issue in Exoria which is the usage of MC to gain pvp advantages in wars etc, although the anti cheat scripts we always implemented to reduce and banish these who attempt to break the fair gameplay, its not always guaranteed that these system are going to be accurate enough and immune to dodge. Hence, we have a suggestion for this update where to upgrade the game client to any of the new clients such as 10.50 - this upgrade will eliminate the easiness of bot usage and in order to ensure fair gameplay into the server.

We would like to hear your feedback and your opinion about whether or not you will stick to Exoria after a client upgrade. Try to clarify the reasons behind your rejections (if there is any). We will be discussing this topic into this thread while finalizing the update.

King Regards,
GM Exoria
Posted by GM Exoria

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July 27 2014 - Introducing Cast System
Greeting's Exoria Residents,

oday we would like to introduce to you something we have been working on developing it during the last few weeks, it's called Cast System. However, some of you might have experienced this system into few other servers and others not.

What's the Cast System about?
Cast system is a unique feature which allows players to spectate each other through the Tibia Client, it's a way like a live stream though a specific player window, to watch how he plays and what he is actually doing online.

How does the system works?
We are at the early stage of the system development, so we have only coded the core functions which allows you to only spectate a player without any further functions such as (Cast Password, Ban Spectator, etc..). Anyway, we are going to add these extra functions once we are done of this beta cast. So, how do i really activate this system?

To open a stream (Caster) type !cast on
To close a stream (Caster) type !cast off

To watch a stream as Spectator: Hit an enter or press login at the login window of the client without entering an account or password, a list of current streamers will show up and you will be able to see how many spectator is watching this streamer and also login to his stream.

We strongly recommend you to try out this system while we are monitoring it's performance to ensure it's stability and capability to continue with us a lifetime feature on Exoria. Remember, !cast on and !cast off

Starting Streaming and Watching!
GM Exoria
Posted by GM Exoria

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July 2 2014 - Exoria Summer Update - It's war time !

t is time to ring the promised Exoria Update! Today we are glad to announce that the update is finally there and waiting for you to crush it. With this update we expect a lot of changes on Exoria, these changes are sensitive since they are mostly related to PvP which is the core game purpose on Exoria-OTS. However, let's check what's new!

New Monsters:
  • Snake god essence (Falcon Area)
  • Rare Elf (Falcon Area)
  • Immortal (Falcon Area)
  • Exoria Dragon (New hunting spot)
  • Exoria Dragon Lord (New hunting spot)
  • Death meteor (Quest 10k+).
  • Baby hand (Quest 10k+).
  • Scorn of the Emperor (quest 10k+).

Falcon Area is our new unique area which is home of the three new Bosses, the Bosses are made with different power ratios starting from level 5000 and up to level 10000, each boss has a chance of dropping a mega bless falcon. However, the Falcon area is accessible starting from level 5000 at the hunting room. Please note that the stronger the boss is, the higher chance it drops Mega Bless Falcon, but at the end all of them are dropping falcons.

Beyond your requests, we have added a new quest for level 10000+ (Team Quest) require 12 players to be made. The new quest is completely challenging and has a unique collection of bosses, it's our new adventure quest and it's waiting for you to rock at it. Rewards are Health and Mana increment items (only pick one item), each increment gives specific amount of mana / health based on the player vocation, for mages we recommend picking up the Mana increment and for Knights / Paladins Health Increment, but at the end it's all up to you to choose whether you prefer to pick up the mana or health increment. Please note that you may use only one increment and only one time. Further details about how much mana / health you will gain based on your vocation is written on the description of item at the quest, you will be able to read it before when you look at the item before redeeming the reward.

New Events:
  • Massive Team Battle - Weekly on Sunday starts at 18:00 CET on Sunday.
  • Bounty Hunter System.

Paladin basic attack now is not paused during their spell / rune cast, their basic attack will always be activated regardless of their state.

Bounty Hunter System: Exoria is a war server, war is the core idea of the game, so this update we are focusing on boosting the idea of being rewarded whenever you war. The Bounty Hunter system as a system where a player may set a prize to any other player who would kill someone for him, for example if player X want to kill player Y but he can't do it all the time or he is not strong enough to do it. He may use !hunt PLAYERNAME, 100000. Once this command was executed, a broadcast message will be sent to all the server players announcing that the first player who kill this announced player name will get the setted amount of money. It's really good and enjoyable way to make money when you kill a high valued targets.
Bounty Hunters Page ,there you can find a list of hunted players and whether they are killed or not yet.

New PVP System and Improvements: Reading this part will be quite long since it's a bit complicated, but you will have a full vision of how the new PvP system works.

Over the last few months it's been a debatable topic that the current PvP system should be improved if not changed, high players were facing troubles where there levels were tough to obtain back whenever died, and low players were not rewarded whenever they kill a gangsta player who is double or triple their level, therefore, initiating a battle was not motivational point for some players, of course there have always been amazing battles going on, but we wanted to ensure that everybody find that its really WORTH TO WAR since you will always gain experience regardless of the level difference between you and the victim. The new PvP system is based on the amount of lost experience by a killed player, for example if a level 10000 player was killed and he lost around 2 billions exp, these 2 billions will be shared among all the killers based on the amount of dealt damage to the target, so the more damage you deal the higher experience you gain. Historically, a level 2000 player would never gain any exp of he participated at killing a level 10000 player, but now he will gain a specific amount of exp based on his kill participation. Similarly, for high players they will always share the amount of lost experience by a killed player regardless of his level, so if a level 10000 killed level 6000 player, he will gain a percentage of exp but not really much since the dropped exp from level 6000 player compared to his needed amount of experience to gain a level is not much. Last but not least, the death penalty has been strongly decreased for all range of levels. You will notice this by your next death.

Eventually, this update is not a tons of quests and hunting spots, rather it's an evolution to the current server and a decent amount of new stuff. We hope that you enjoy the new update especially the new PvP changes. If you found any bugs please post them as a comment on this thread, and if they were critical one's please email them to We appreciate your support, and it's time rock at the new update!

Kind Regards,
GM Exoria
Posted by GM Exoria

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